Sunday, September 14, 2014

Episode #50 "The Dorcons"

Episode #50 "The Dorcons"

What do you do for the 50th episode? You go to a con.  Well it seemed logical for the crew of the NerdUp Podcast.  Gil T. Wilson, Isaac Wilson and Eric Billingsley all headed off to Indianapolis for the annual "Horror Hound Weekend."  Great memorabilia, horror film screenings and panels featuring many celebrities.  Among the celebrities in attendence were; Mads Mikkelson, Linda Blair, Scott Wilson, Jon Bernthal, Bill Mosely, Michael Berryman, James Remar, Michael Beck, Dee Wallace, Sheryl Lee and many many more.

Armed with video and audio equipment Gil T, Eric and Isaac hit the con with all guns a blazin'.  The problem is most celebrities don't wish to talk to media and others have tight schedules.  So we gathered the interviews and visited the booths and had a blast so we could share with you.  In this episode we present the interviews and in the next we'll talk about the fun.  Included in that fun were lots of great creative masks at the Mask fest held in conjunction with Horror Hound Weekend.  That's where Isaac spent is Con money.  If you want to check out the pics from Horror Hound just pay a visit to our Facebook page.

Also in this episode we wanted to go back to the roots of the podcast and Brandon Bell sought out the new owner of the gaming shop in Robinson, Illinois.  This used to be the Truehideaway games shop that was started by Gil T. Wilson & Shawn Mitchell which lead to the creation of what is now the NerdUp Podcast.  Brandon interviews Billy Cooley the guy that runs the gaming side of things at what is now called "The Basement."

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